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finding nemo wallpaper

Finding Nemo Wallpaper - Finding Nemo Movie

Released in 2003 and the fifth in a line of great movies from Disney Pixar, the Finding Nemo movie is an animated feature film which was a blockbuster in its own right and was the first time the Disney Pixar duo had released a movie in a month apart from November.

Set around a father and son pair of clownfish, the father, Marlin, after promising that no harm would come to his son, Nemo, after his wife was attacked and killed by a barracuda attacking their home, is so over protective to his son that the only way Nemo sees to alleviate his father's worries is to prove that he is capable of taking care of himself.

Unfortunately for Nemo his keenness to to get his father to stop worrying soon backfires and he is caught by a scuba diver while trying to show his father that the fear he has of the ocean is needless, and so the storyline of the finding nemo movie begins.

Marlin hysterically tries to help Nemo, who has now been put on board a speedboat and is heading for a dentist's office in Sydney harbour, but, with no recompense Marlin aimlessly swims until he bumps into Dory, a regal tang fish, who suffers from a short term memory loss but who feels she can help Marlin in his quest.

Nemo has now ended up at the dentist's office and in a fish tank where he has made friends with the other captive fish. To their dread, the fish figure out that Nemo is to be a birthday present for the dentist's niece who has a track record of traumatizing her last pet fish until it passed away.

Whilst continuing their search of finding Nemo, Marlin and Dory become really close and Dory shows Marlin how to be more care free and their adventures bring them to sharks, jelly fish, sea turtles, a whale and eventually Sydney harbour and some hungry seagulls. During this time the fish in the dentist's fish tank have been planning their own adventures and an escape.

A pelican helps the pair and takes them to the dentist's office window, where to their total shock they see Nemo, who appears to be dead in a bag. This sets Marlin into despair and he leaves Dory to set off home all alone. Nemo wasn't actually dead though and in a commotion Nemo finds himself down a plug hole, through the drains and into the ocean.

Madly the three fish all stumble across each other, but there's one last crisis to overcome, Dory has got herself captured with a school of fish in a fishing net. With all the lessons learnt throughout the movie, Nemo and Dory persuade the fish to swim against the net to stop them all being dragged onto the fishing boat, the plan works and Marlin decides it's time to let Nemo "go have an adventure"